• What Stops Us All From Having More Of What We Want?:

    These are some of the things we sometimes do that get us less out of life instead of more. They create limitations and barriers. They become our disabilities.

    • Worrying
    • Gossiping
    • Procrastination
    • Drama
    • Controlling/Manipulating
    • Acting angry/Bullying
    • Being Cynical
    • Lack of Gratitude
    • Not Participating
    • Breaking agreements

    Lastly, Cory speaks to the importance of finding value in all things. He uses a visual strategy to convey the message that we all have value, and by finding this value, we can start to look past disabilities and see the possibilities.

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  • Who is Cory?

    Born with Cerebral Palsy and suffering a stroke at the age of 11 has not deterred Cory Johnson from living life to the fullest. He uses his life experiences, inspiration and education to overcome the barriers that others impose on him.

  • What topics does Cory speak on?”

    How to become a leader oneOvercoming adversity to become a leader Is a disability a disability or is it your perception? Overcoming personal obstacles in work, life and love Top 10 things that disable your business.

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